Great looking, professional reports.

Our financial forecast reports are easy to read and effortless to produce.

And, of course, they always look great – because we know that good looking financials say a lot about your business.

Professional accounting structure

Accounting standards exist for a reason: they work. To make a professional impression you need to meet them, not reinvent them, and an Edge forecast guarantees it.

Our reports offer a full Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet structure that will satisfy the most demanding bank or investor.

Clear, legible, elegant presentation

We understand that your numbers are a vital part of your overall presentation and we care that they look good and communicate clearly.

They’re branded with your logo and always legible both on-screen and when printed. There’s a list of contents and all pages are clearly titled to make them as easy as possible to read.

Effortless, reliable PDF output

Producing clear, elegant multi-page output from complex spreadsheet models can take an awful lot of of time.

Our integrated report suite allows you to collate documents to differing levels of detail and because you should never distribute raw spreadsheet files it guarantees a properly paginated PDF document at a single click (saving you time AND frustration!).