We scope it. We build it. We support it.

So you can get on with what you’re good at.

Scope it
First we scope it thoroughly…

Before we do anything we establish exactly what’s required. And if you’re not sure what that is… no problem! We’ll give you all the advice you need.

We’ll concentrate on the things that make your business unique and you can be sure we’ll cover every important financial issue. We’ve refined this scoping process over many years and it never fails us!

Build it
…then we build it for you.

We build your tailored forecast using our exclusive spreadsheet software – a purpose-built profit & loss, cash-flow and balance sheet model with a logical and effective set of drivers and assumptions and all the necessary financial modelling and formulas built-in.

And because we have the right tool for the job, and a huge amount of experience, we can do this FAST – often same day, and rarely more than 48 hours!


And then we give you all the support you need…

Once it’s built we’ll use screen-share to demonstrate it to you from top to bottom, so you know exactly how to edit assumptions, enter data and take control of your numbers.

Then we’ll give you inclusive phone and email support to help and advise you on any issues you face until you’re done.

Learn more about support

Effortless, great looking reports

Your forecast will produce great looking pdf reports at a click. No more spreadsheet printing nightmares; just impressive, easy to read documents, every time.

Widely trusted

Edge’s benchmarked service impresses banks and investors because the process is thorough and the numbers are clear and professional. That’s why they recommend us.

Phone and email support included

We understand not everyone’s a financial genius. An Edge forecast always includes all the support you need around forecasting and general accounting issues.

Meets proper accounting standards

Accounting standards exist for a reason: they work. To make a professional impression you need to meet them, not reinvent them.

Your own dedicated consultant
Your own dedicated Edge Associate – an experienced business professional fully trained in the Edge process to support you from start to finish.

Minimal time and effort

​Relax. We do all the difficult and time-consuming stuff. All you have to do is enter basic assumptions and data. And then the forecast does the rest.