The foundation of every forecast we create…

  • Gain proper mastery of your numbers FAST, and give lenders and investors exactly what they need to say YES!
  • Avoid wasting your time and effort on over-simplified, inflexible templates and a lack of expert support.
  • Our friendly, expert telephone and screen-share session will create your forecast in just 90 minutes.

The Edge Core Forecast will save you time and pain and guarantees to provide exactly what lenders and investors require to support your finance application and allow them to say YES!

Not just brilliant purpose-built software that will always add up and make you look good, but personally delivered and expertly created for you whatever your own level of financial skills and knowledge. (So now you don’t have to be a financial genius to look like one!)

The Core Forecast is tailored precisely to your business and includes basic financial modelling around revenue and direct costs but can be easily developed and expanded to allow for future growth in scale and complexity. And it’s simple to integrate existing spreadsheets that don’t provide full financial statements.

Best of all the Core Forecast is a great use of your time. After just a 90 minute telephone and screen-share session you’ll have a fully editable, totally professional financial model that’s fast to edit, will always add up and is a joy to work with.

It’s the foundation of every forecast model we create and the Core Forecast is all many businesses need. It’s a properly built ‘profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet’ forecast which covers every common accounting issue for SME’s and meets all professional accounting standards. It’s an education in itself!

During a 90 minute phone call and screen-share session, we will:

  • Provide you with a properly built, highly automated and totally editable financial forecast spreadsheet that’s a joy to work with (and will always add up!)
  • Tailor it precisely to your business so everything’s covered.
  • Take you right through its logical, easy to follow 10-step process and its time-saving user-tools.
  • Educate you in the essentials of ‘profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet’.
  • Show you how to effortlessly produce elegant, impressive financials for your lender or investors.
  • Include 14 days subsequent telephone and email support around all your accounting and forecasting issues.

See what others say…

Our track record of helping SMEs secure funding speaks for itself. So don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our satisfied clients have to say.

Just need the template?

Do you already know your way around the accounting and forecasting issues you’ll face when creating a cash flow or full financial forecast and just need a great, timesaving template to save you from reinventing the wheel?

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Still not sure?

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