A unique professional service

Edge Forecast is a proven personal service based on knowledge, skills and experience. We do one thing; and we do it exceptionally well.

We aren’t aware of anyone else who does what we do the way we do it. We specialise in the process of building you a tailored, editable financial model in the shortest time to the highest standards. That’s all we do. (Nothing else.) We don’t know of any other comparable combination of consultancy, support and bespoke software.


Edge was started three years ago, even before the current explosion in the ‘entrepreneur’ culture that we’re now all a part of, in response to the fact that this was a job that just wasn’t done very well. It’s still true.

Look at any set of projected financials currently in the public domain and you’ll find a diverse range of documents that vary widely in the quality of their presentation and the extent to which they meet even basic accounting standards. They’ve usually been hugely time-consuming to prepare (often by entrepreneurs who don’t really understand the task) and they’ve often cost a small fortune in time and money.

We originally set out to establish and hone a process and a piece of elegant spreadsheet software that would address this issue; to provide an editable, benchmarked financial forecast that meets proper standards, always adds up and always looks great; and do so in the minimum possible time. We’ve achieved that, and while we always strive to improve it, it’s now entirely proven and effective.


Edge Financial Forecasting is a small business.  It’s the personal consultancy business of its owner Simon Thompson, but it’s also growing through a network of associate consultants who all share a solid background in business, finance and accountancy.

Every client is handled by a single dedicated consultant, from the initial enquiry through to the final output. No call centre, no corporate-speak. We use a proven and really time-efficient process – a remote service via phone, Skype and screen-share – that focuses on the job in hand and gets it done fast.

We combine it with the right tool for the job (our own purpose-built spreadsheet application) and whatever support you need. We guarantee you couldn’t do it using less of your own time.


Edge associate consultants share a range of skills and attributes. They’ve all got broad commercial experience and they understand how businesses work. They’re plain-speaking, numerate, handy with a spreadsheet and they understand the accountancy issues involved in financial modelling. And they’ll be dedicated to your project from start to finish.

Simon Thompson

Simon Thompson“I started Edge in 2010 when I was looking for a niche in accountancy and wanted to exploit my wide-ranging commercial experience.

I’ve run my own wine businesses, and managed a substantial incineration plant servicing government contracts. I’ve advised and worked for businesses big, small and everywhere in between: builders and restaurants, manufacturers, food-brands, e-businesses and hairdressers, you name it.

I’ve also raised significant sums of equity and debt finance for my own and other businesses and I’m fairly sure I’ve built more financial forecasts in the last 3 years than any one else in the UK.”