An Edge Forecast gives your lender what they need to say ‘yes’!

If your business is less than two years old and looking to grow, you could apply for finance via a ‘Startup Loan’ or one of many small business grants available.

They’ll insist on a cash flow forecast and an Edge Forecast is the perfect answer. You need simple, thorough numbers that add up properly and most of all you need to understand them – so we’ve devised a proven and fool-proof service to help you make light work of it, teaching you what you need to know as part of the process and supporting you all the way.

Fast, efficient and totally supported…

We understand you’re probably no financial expert so our unique combination of advice, support and user-friendly purpose-built software takes care of the tricky bits and puts you in control of your numbers.  We guarantee a result that gives your lender the information they need in the way they want it and does it in less time than you could imagine.

Check out our Startup Forecast Package to learn how you can master this task in just 90 minutes!

It’s an education in itself…

Satisfied clients tell us that it’s not just producing the cash flow forecast for the application that they value.  Our supportive screen-share session will give you a solid understanding of the basics of business accounting and real confidence when discussing your finances and planning your business.

You can find out more, and read what these companies have to say about us, on our “Trusted By” pages.

Find out more…

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