We have an unrivalled track record in crowdfunding success…

We cut our teeth in the growing equity-crowdfunding market developing a service that was designed specifically to meet its needs. As a result, Edge Forecasts have helped to raise millions of pounds of investment funding through successful crowdfunding campaigns.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what satisfied clients say about how we helped them raise their money.

Clear, complete numbers that are quick and easy to understand…

Crowdfunding investors make quick decisions often based on intuition and they’ll have less time to spend on evaluating your pitch than a major investor. You’re competing as much for their time as for their money and it’s vital that your numbers tell your story quickly and effectively and make a really good impression. An Edge Forecast does that every time, straight out of the box!

Meet the needs of any¬†crowdfunding platform…

Different crowdfunding platforms may have their own requirements but our professional standards will always meet their needs. In nearly five years we’ve never had a set of financials rejected as being incomplete or not up to scratch.

And if you’re going to Crowdcube – one of the UK’s leading platforms – you’ll find we can effortlessly integrate their ‘financial snapshot’ spreadsheet into your forecast to produce it automatically, saving you a great deal of time and effort. If fact, we originally developed Crowdcube’s ‘standards’ around financials and designed their original snapshot document for them – so we’re fully in-tune with their needs.

Read why organisations like Crowdcube, Angels Den and pre-crowdfunding specialists IdeaSquares think so highly of Edge.

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