We’ve all seen Dragons’ Den: we know what happens when you don’t understand your own numbers!

By their nature, angel investors invest larger sums of money and have a higher level of personal involvement and commitment to your business. They are much more likely to delve into your numbers in depth so properly thought-out and well-presented financials are a must. The Edge format has a number of specific attractions for them.

Clear drivers and assumptions…

An angel investor’s first requirement when looking at your numbers is to understand the assumptions on which it’s based.  That’s why an Edge forecast will always be tailored precisely to your business and will make these assumptions clear and transparent.  What’s more we guarantee they’ll be easy to edit and flex and you’ll be fully in control when discussing them.

Professional accounting standards…

Professional investors speak the language of finance.  They want numbers in a straightforward conventional format and they don’t want you reinventing the rules of accountancy.  Edge delivers this professionalism every time with no fuss.

User-friendly, time-saving files…

An Edge forecast guarantees effortless ‘pdf’ reports which are complete, transparent and always legible both on screen and when printed.  And if your investor actually wants access to the underlying spreadsheet file they’ll find it easy to edit and understand because it’s been specifically designed to be user-editable.

How can Edge Forecast help?

We have a proven track record of creating financial forecasts that have lead to successful investment from individuals and networks, including:

  • Angels Den
  • SWAIN – South West Angel and Investor Network
  • Invent.network

You can find out more, and read what these companies have to say about us, on our “Trusted By” pages.

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